Back to Square One

Needles, Isle of Wight

Although I’m within sight of the end, I’ve achieved virtually nothing in recent weeks. The problem is the day job, which is all getting rather full-on these days. I’m so busy that I no longer stop for break or lunch (but it’s never boring!) and so coming home and then finding the brainpower to bang out chapters of a book is a bit of a tall order.

Thankfully, I have next week off work, so I can sit down and concentrate on making some serious progress. We’re also going to paddle on the Isle of Wight, which happens to be the very start of the book and the start of the area covered. Although Wight is all written up and done, we’re going back partly because my photos of The Island are currently a bit lame, partly because it’s really rather nice there.

On an unrelated and purely geeky note … this evening I figured out how to make my computer run two monitors at once. I rule.


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