Book Launch – an Invitation!

The Book

AS Watersports in Exeter have kindly offered to host the Book Launch. So, clear your diary for Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of April 2008!

Saturday will involve a bit of socialising at AS Watersports with paddlers and representatives of the paddlesport industry and media. Saturday night will be at Devon’s southernmost pub, the Pig’s Nose Inn in East Prawle overlooking the sea near Prawle Point, with a slide show and talk (and beer).


Camping will be available close at Higher Farm, located (I’m quoting the owners here) 50 metres past the telephone box on the same side, heading towards the sea.

It’s just a farmer’s field with limited facilities, so please don’t expect Butlin’s! The owners ask for quiet in the evening and there will be a charge for camping, which I’ll extract from people in the morning before we paddle and pass on to the farmer.

Sunday … we all go paddling.



Nothing can go wrong!


5 thoughts on “Book Launch – an Invitation!

  1. Mark,

    This is the start. Get ready about thinking about your own line of T-shirst and coffee mugs!

    If I were your I would merchandise action-figures of John Gilmour with tiny, little Rnli uniforms and helmets. I see great revenues!

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