Fellow Travellers #8

Rumps Point, North Cornwall

Apart from Mrs R, the person who has paddled with me most in the research for South West Sea Kayaking is probably Andy L. Andy has joined us to paddle in almost all sections of the South West, including a spectacular week-long tour of North Cornwall that he and I did together.

Andy is yet another experienced white water paddler who has just gotten into the sea stuff in recent times … and not too soon, for some reason Andy seems doomed to mishap and injury whenever he goes near a white water river; I have helped patch him back together on the banks of rivers in Costa Rica, Bolivia and Quebec, and probably others I can’t recall right now.

Andy works for the ‘National Physical Laboratory’ which it turns out, is nothing to do with PE and infact something or other to do with the extensive letters after his name. He’s a doctor, but not the useful kind.

Blackchurch Rock, North Devon

River Severn estuary

Mishap in Latin America ...


2 thoughts on “Fellow Travellers #8

  1. Scientists verses GPs:

    Do you realise the >70% of our GDP results in some way from developments in quantum mechanics, particularly understanding the structure of atoms and molecules? Take the atomic structure of silicon for example. Without understanding this we would not have microcomputers, so none of the IT revolution would have been possible. How about understanding the physics and chemistry of combustion? – without it we would not have modern aircaft.
    Who is now the most useful?

    So there we are.


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