Delhi Belly

Our whitewater kayaking expedition to western Nepal went really well, with outstanding whitewater and some incredible cultural experiences.

Trouble is, it should have all ended some time ago … but we seem to still be here in Asia. To be precise, fifteen of us are stuck at the airport in the fine city of Delhi unable to leave, on account of European airspace being closed. Among other problems, this has caused us all considerable embarrassment with our employers, and isn’t exactly a bonus holiday experience; Delhi has been experiencing exceptional¬†temperatures of 44 degrees C. At current time, we have no idea at all when we will get home. Early this morning I attempted to complete some kind of marathon training along the hard shoulder of a motorway(!), but I can’t say it was an experience to be recommended.

On the bright side, we keep reminding ourselves just how good the Thuli Bheri River was. Oh yes, it was a good one …


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