And now for something completely different…

Last night, I found myself east of London, down in the south-east for the London Kayakathon. I took the opportunity to visit Red Sands Forts, nine miles offshore in the Thames estuary. I was joined by Jen, who was dauntingly fit and fast as she’s doing the 126 mile Devizes to Westminster Race next week.

These remarkable edifices were part of a series of ‘Maunsell’ forts built in 1942 to guard London from air attacks; German bombers could fly up the estuary unharmed in this ‘blind spot’. The forts have undergone various incarnations since, including hosting pirate radio stations and featuring in an episode of ‘Dr Who’. More info here.

What can I say to describe this eerie and unique location? Perhaps I should just let the pictures do the talking…

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