South West Sea Kayaking Meet 2011 – monies raised

Pasted below are a few documents which will hopefully offer some insight into where all the money went from this year’s South West Sea Kayaking Meet. Each participant donated £30. The only outgoing cost from the money donated was that used to hire the the nasty stinky toilets. I donated £10 a head to the National Trust for each person who camped in their field. I did not realise this at the time, but it would seem that they intend to use this money to provide paddling facilities in the area (see letter below). The rest was donated to the RNLI and Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton. These are both charities who have offered direct assistance to kayakers in difficulty, in recent years.

National Trust: £750

RNLI: £600

Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Ashburton: £1000

No personal profit has been made from the event.

I hope that all makes sense; please get in touch if you have any further queries.

I do not intend to organise any further South West Sea Kayaking Meets, but I do think that they have been a success. Whilst there is clearly a market for high profile ‘Symposium’ events where paddlers pay significant monies to be led by famous coaches, low key low cost events like the SWSKM demonstrably also have a role to play in enabling paddlers to meet new peers and develop skills to paddle on their own initiative in safe group sizes and conditions. Sadly there don’t seem to be many such events at present; I really do hope that others will grab the baton and organise similar events. It’s honestly not that hard…pick an area with a range of paddling possibilities and good parking/ access, find a camping field, get some sensible mates to paddle with small groups, et voila! If you can raise some money for worthwhile causes along the way, all good.

Most of all, thanks again to all who participated and helped this year. I hope that you will be satisfied with where your donations have gone.

Mark Rainsley

One thought on “South West Sea Kayaking Meet 2011 – monies raised

  1. I have (sadly) not paddled much in the last few years, since moving away from Devon. It’s something I intend to put right very soon! While you don’t know me, and I haven’t attended any SWSK meet, I wanted to say that it looked a great event, and I’m sure many people were very appreciative of your efforts in bringing it together. Give me time to get my boat confidence and contacts back, and I may be up for helping organise something similar – I’m on the Somerset coast (but the water is not such a pretty blue here!).

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