Wareham Loop

Had a wonderful paddle in the upper reaches of Poole Harbour last night; a few of us paddled from Wareham down the River Frome into the Harbour, and then up the River Piddle (no sniggering, please) back into Wareham. It was only a short walk back to the cars. I’ve never paddled this lovely little loop before, and now I’ve done it, I have no idea why I didn’t get around to it. En route we ran into one of (the only one of?) Poole Harbour’s small common seal population, as well as seeing several kingfishers.

I didn’t take the camera, so rather lamely, here are a picture of a common seal, and a picture of Poole Harbour, both from completely different occasions.

2 thoughts on “Wareham Loop

  1. Where did you exit the River Piddle? I had a bit of trouble getting out near North Bridge through a pumping station. It was also a bit interesting near the bridge with swans and river levels etc but good fun

    • We went through the garage yard – but it was late in the evening. I use the garage and they’re pretty friendly…sure they won’t mind you carrying a boat through if they ask.

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