The Corfe River

I set out at 6 am today for Dartmoor, hoping to squeeze in a very full day of whitewater paddling. Unfortunately, I was turned back halfway by extreme flooding in west Dorset (third time this year I’ve failed to reach the rivers) and headed back to home.

When I reached our village, I found that the main road was flooded; this isn’t unheard of, but the water level had reached the highest we’ve seen it in 12 years of living here, blocking off all the side roads. For a few hours until the waters eased off slightly, the Isle of Purbeck really was an island.

I hitched a lift through the floods in a fire engine. A few hours later, I took a walk with Heather and Ellen to see the floods; the river had dropped enough to open the main road, at least.

Should have listened to those Mayans…

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