Isle of Portland Coast Path

As previously noted, I’m entered for a double-ultra-marathon at the end of the month, with the slight problem of not having run at all for several months. I’ve been out a few times this week, trying to rediscover my legs (and ignore my waistline) and I thought it might be a good idea to kickstart my training with something longer…

Unfortunately, a circuit of the Isle of Portland turned out to be both much longer and much harder going than I was counting on, after only a week of training! I really didn’t care though, as it was a magnificent route. I’ve paddled around the Isle numerous times, and walked small parts of the coast…but this was the first time I’ve seen most of the coast path. The less said about the steep 450 foot climb up onto the Isle the better, but after that, it’s pure enjoyment. You weave through old Victorian fortifications (of which more in a future post) and then drop down below the cliffs on the east coast to weave though and over endless boulders and overgrown quarry remains; top notch trail running. Along the way, you pass Portland Castle and Church Ope Cove.

The run back along the west coast is along less interesting terrain (a constant gradual incline up wet muddy slippy grass, ouch) but eventually leads along the very edge of Portland’s highest cliffs; don’t trip! At the moment, some of this path is cordoned off due to slippage and cracks forming on the path…when that lot collapses towards the sea, it’ll be quite a sight. All that follows is a rapid descent, a short trudge along the pebbles of Chesil Beach and a final grind along Portland Harbour back to the car park at the Chesil Beach Centre.

All good. I’m quickly going to have to remember how to go a lot further, though…

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