Winter morning’s run

I knew it was cold, because my drink valve kept on freezing up. However, setting out before dawn on this grey icy morning meant that I had already run ten miles of hill, cliff and beach before I even saw another living soul; a handful of runners and a couple of horse riders on windswept Studland Beach were the only folk out and about. I reached the signpost denoting the start/ end of the South West Coast Path and turned back; all that remained was a few miles of heathland alongside Poole Harbour, and then a winding (for ‘winding’, read: slightly lost) run through Rempstone Forest back to home at Corfe Castle. Only the final mile was on tarmac, my legs didn’t enjoy this much.

This morning was a wonderful but rather tough experience. I re-started my running just two weeks ago; obviously I’ve skipped the golden rule that says you should increase your mileage by only c10% a week when training. So far I seem to be getting away with it (fingers crossed), although I am certainly pretty slow so far. I have just two weeks before the big event, I have no idea whether I can complete that (simple logic dictates, ‘no’) but I’ll give it a go. Firstly, I’ll see if I can manage a marathon distance next weekend. Nothing can go wrong.

PS Please forgive my self-indulgence on the final photo. It’s nothing to do with today’s run, it’s just my beautiful girl enjoying her first ever snow with her Daddy…yesterday, 900 feet above sea level on Bulbarrow Hill in North Dorset.

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