The Shingles Bank

The not-especially-informative image above shows waves breaking over the Shingles Bank. The Shingles is a huge shallow area in the western approach to the Solent; last year I saw a large ship run high and dry aground here in low water spring tides, from the cliffs of the Isle of Wight.

I’d completely forgotten about them when we set off yesterday for a paddle from Milford-on-Sea to the Needles lighthouse. Our planning consisted solely of a guesstimated bearing and no map or chart. It was slightly inconvenient then, to encounter a two metre swell breaking hard over these shallows and barring our path. Thankfully, after paddling alongside the breakers for a while, we managed to thread a path which didn’t lead to annihilation by surf.

The photo above was taken later on the journey back, from a safe distance of about a mile away…for some reason I was disinclined to get the camera out whilst in the midst of it all…

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