Milford-on-Sea Landing

Returning to Milford-on-Haven after a wonderful paddle to the Needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. There was a small but solid swell dumping onto the steep pebble beach, so we had to wait for lulls and time our landings carefully. All went to plan, all good.

3 thoughts on “Milford-on-Sea Landing

  1. Hello! Wonder if someone can kindly help with some advice? Me and a friend are planning a charity paddle from Bristol to Staines Upon Thames (Bristol Docks – River Avon – Kennet & Avon – River Thames). What I need to do is calculate the total distance, then break it down to individual days paddling (after training we should be able around 30 miles per day) and time lost through portage through locks etc. We’re hoping the journey could be achieved in 5 days, with overnight stops in B&B’s/Pubs close to the river. Does anyone know a smart phone app or any helpful advice to help in monitoring our route each day as well as planning the distances in advance. All this info will be useful to add on our ‘Just Giving’ charity website page to help sponsors stay informed of our progress. Many thanks Noski

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