New Forest Challenge


I expected this LDWA event to be a straightforward training run, compared to last week’s marathon. I didn’t count upon getting lost a few times (the route was unmarked, and one tree looks pretty much like another), having to run an extra two miles beyond what was expected, and above all…a heinous series of soul-sucking swamps, all along the eastern side of the New Forest; check out the jagged blue line above. I staggered in a full hour beyond what I expected, not my finest performance.

In a few weeks’ time I’m taking part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge*. I think I might wind it back a bit now. Having done a couple of marathons without any training at all, it strikes me that it might be a good idea to now do some actual normal training…run more often, and much less mileage.

*Notwithstanding the usual illness/ injury/ acts of God which interfere with my plans for major events…

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